dbx-tv: superior sound enhancement from the consumer audio experts


dbx-tv is one of the world’s leading audio-technology developers. Our audio processing solutions include:

  • Total Sonics®: a suite of enhancements that provide rich, deep bass, crisp highs, 3D sound and more – now with 2.1 channel processing
  • Total Volume®: the industry’s most effective and efficient loudness control
  • Total Surround®: envelops viewers in an immersive listening experience using the speakers built-in to the TV set.
  • Total Immersion: virtual height from any source on any two-channel device
  • Total Cal®: Intelligent, automated in-home tuning and acoustic correction system
  • Total Bass™: psychoacoustic processing that tricks the brain into hearing bass tones which small speakers cannot physically reproduce.


Our solutions maximize audio quality from a television’s existing speakers, using the audio DSP already inside, so you can deliver a superior audio experience at minimal cost.