Total Sonics’ unparalleled technology includes:

  • Total Volume® transparent compression/limiting, and
  • Total Surround® enveloping spatial enhancement
  • Dynamic EQ
  • Built-in configurable crossover supporting two-channel input, and three-channel output
    • Subwoofer / “.1” output channel intelligently derived by Total Sonics
  • Fully independent subwoofer control with dedicated processing
    • Two-band low-frequency parametric EQ
    • Sophisticated dbx-tv compression/limiting
  • Total Cal Pro automated tuning system measures L, R, and subwoofer outputs and configures Total Sonics parameters for optimum results

Total Sonics 2.1 delivers valuable benefits

  • Reduced hardware costs
    • Runs in most SOCs/DSPs without requiring additional DSP hardware
    • Eliminates the need for expensive power amplifiers with integrated DSP
  • Works excellent with internal or external subwoofers
  • A powerful and smooth bass response free of distortion or overload
  • Delivers the best possible sound from your 2.1 soundbars and televisions
  • Local tuning & implementation support from dbx-tv’s professional audio engineers

Independent control of subwoofer with dedicated bass processing

  • Bass processing tech:
    • It makes soundbars & TVs with smaller integrated subwoofer drivers sound much bigger with deeper bass
    • Allows soundbars with external subwoofers to play even the most bass-heavy content without distortion or overload
    • Enables more powerful and unique sound modes
  • Integrates the crossover design with Total Cal Pro’s data-driven approach
  • Seamless integration between subwoofer and main channels for balanced, accurate sound
  • Reduces hardware cost & simplifies system design, tuning, and verification