Are you looking for the most comprehensive audio solution to enhance your TVs?
Have you considered adding dbx-tv technology?

dbx-tv, with 25 years of  Emmy® award-winning audio experience and over half a billion installations around the world, now offers a family of software-only audio technologies that helps the sound live up to today’s dynamic TV picture.   dbx-tv’s intelligent and affordable Digital-Signal-Processing (DSP) approach guarantees the best possible sound quality from any television set you manufacture, large or small.

Total Sonics™

dbx-tv’s Total Sonics suite includes several intelligent DSP audio enhancement technologies which combines level-sensitive equalization, dynamic range control, and 3D sound expansion. (More)

Total Volume™

Total Volume maintains even listening levels when switching channels, programs, or sources as well as within programs. (More)

Total Surround™

dbx-tv’s Total Surround delivers surround sound effects from the two speakers included with your TV set.   Sounds appear to come from above, to the side, and behind the listener without the need for additional speakers.  (More)

Total Cal™

Total Cal is an automated, PC-based tool for manufacturers to set up, customize, and control the over one hundred parameters required by Total Sonics, Total Volume and Total Surround.  (More)

Legacy TV Audio Broadcast / Reception

dbx-tv offers a range of digital solutions for the broadcasting and reception of legacy TV-audio signals. Our multi-standard audio decoder supports all the legacy TV-audio systems (NTSC, BTSC, NICAM, A2, and EIAJ) used throughout the world. (More)