dbx-tv offers a range of digital solutions for the broadcasting and reception of legacy TV-audio signals. Our multi-standard audio decoder supports all the legacy TV-audio systems (NTSC, BTSC, NICAM, A2, and EIAJ) used throughout the world.  In addition, we offer both professional and consumer-grade solutions for both encoding and decoding for the North American analog standard (BTSC).

dbx-tv has partnered with almost every major consumer electronics company in the world to help Make Good TV Sound Better™ in over half a billion TV-centric consumer products. The secret to our success is simple: innovative audio designs backed by world-class support. We’re seasoned enough to turn out serious designs, yet small enough to build strong personal relationships. The dbx-tv consumer cores, now all in digital, have been painstakingly crafted to strike the perfect balance between performance and efficiency.

All dbx-tv TV broadcast/reception solutions are efficient, field-proven, and based on Verilog code. They are fully supported by our experienced engineering department. Even as the world makes its gradual transition to digital TV, this “legacy” technology remains in strong demand and widespread use by leading IC and equipment makers everywhere.