A virtual audio engineer right in your customer’s living room  

  • Automatic, in-home audio calibration for televisions, sound bars, and speakers
  • An easy 3-step process, Total Cal allows your customer to fine-tune the audio performance of the target device for their listening environment. 
  • Total Cal detects and corrects for acoustic issues in the home, ensuring designs sound exactly the way they were intended.

      • Detect
          •  Total Cal plays test signals through the device’s built-in speakers 
      • Analyze
          • A microphone in the device, remote control, or customer’s smartphone records the test response and sends it to Total Cal 
      • Correct
          • Total Cal analyzes the signal and adjusts the device’s sound to correct for any acoustic issues caused by the room

How many audio channels does Total Cal support?

  • Total Cal is currently designed for 2-channel stereo audio systems but can be customized for any number of playback channels

Where does Total Cal processing run on my device?

  • Total Cal corrects acoustic problems by adjusting the parameters of Total Sonics, which runs on a wide variety of hardware, including:
    • System-on-a-Chip (SoC) processors
    • DSP processors
    • Bluetooth DSP chips
    • OEM/ODM modules containing on-board SoC/DSP processors
  • To improve device efficiency and ensure maximum compatibility, Total Cal uses a smartphone or smart TV application for measurement and a cloud server for analysis and re-tuning.