Developed in conjunction with Psy(x) Research, Total Immersion gives a virtualized sensation of audio projecting above and even overhead, from just 2 speakers.

What is immersive audio?

  • Immersive Audio also referred to as 3D Audio or Spatial Audio, places sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including front to back, side to side, and above and below the listener 

Total Immersion Processing

  • Total Immersion processing uses patented psychoacoustic filters
    • deliver Immersive Audio from 2-speaker and 2-channel stereo TV systems, without the cost and complexity of an additional decoder and speakers
    • Creates a strong sensation of height without additional speakers 
  • Projects sound vertically above the TV and around the viewer 

Total Immersion works with all sources

  • Total Immersion is the only height processing algorithm designed for TVs
  • That works on all formats and sound sources, from stereo to Atmos-encoded surround
  • Creating an enthralling audio experience on the widest variety of content at the lowest cost

Total Immersion Processing Works Everywhere

  • Psychoacoustic filters in Total Immersion find “height” information in all formats, even that hidden in ordinary low-bit-rate, 2- channel streams
  • It processes this information and presents it even over ordinary 2-speaker playback systems.
  • With 5.1 or 7.1 sources, Total Immersion can work even better
  • Unlike other solutions, Total Immersion isn’t interrupted by VPNs and slow networks