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THAT Corporation Expands Licensing Portfolio

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Milford, Massachusetts – THAT Corporation has recently expanded its dbx-tv line of digital TV audio decoding software to cover legacy TV audio standards worldwide, including BTSC, NICAM, A2 and EIA-J.

New Belar BTSC Monitor/Analyzer Uses THAT's Digital dbx-tv

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Devon, Pennsylvania & Milford, Massachusetts – Belar and THAT Corporation today jointly announced Belar's TVM-230 Digital BTSC TV Stereo Monitor/ Analyzer, featuring digital dbx-tv™ decoding technology from THAT. According to Belar's President, Arno Meyer, "The new TVM-230 delivers unprecedented performance by combining Belar's own DSP demodulation with THAT's digital companding technology. With the BTSC Encoder enabled, the TVM-230 reliably delivers over 50dB midband separation and more than 40dB at 14kHz, with 85dB signal-to-noise ratio and <0.1% distortion." THAT's president, Les Tyler, commented "THAT's fully digital dbx-tv expander eliminates the trim adjustments required by previous analog dbx-tv decoders, including THAT's own industry-standard 525 cards. So, performance starts high and stays high over the entire life of the product. We surpass even the tightest broadcast specifications for BTSC transmission."

THAT Corporation Boosts dbx-tv Licensing Staff

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Milford, MA - In a move to strengthen its position as licensor of digital legacy audio technology to the TV industry, THAT Corporation has named Scott W. Skinner to the position of dbx-tv Licensing Support Engineer. Skinner will be responsible for evaluating licensee implementations of the company's dbx-tv-audio standards intellectual property, which now extend to all worldwide legacy TV and FM audio broadcast standards (including BTSC, NICAM, EIAJ, A2, FM Stereo).

THAT Corp Bolsters TV-Standard Development Team

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Milford, MA – THAT Corporation recently fortified its expertise in digital signal processing with the appointment of Matt Barnhill as a Senior Digital Development Engineer. Matt will develop new and support existing technology licensed by THAT to the TV industry worldwide. Lane Czekala, THAT's US Licensing Manager, commented "Over the past year, through our relationship with ESP (Matt's former company), Matt has made significant contributions to our BTSC and dbx-tv intellectual property offerings. Now that he's on board full time, Matt will develop additional TV decoding standards to extend and broaden our licensing program." THAT Corporation now offers BTSC stereo TV encoding and decoding technology to consumer and professional makers of TV receivers, set-top boxes, satellite receivers, video games, broadcast products, and ICs used by all these.

Stereo TV Licensing Gets Easier - THAT and ESP Sign Pact

Friday, January 24, 2003

Manufacturers seeking stereo TV encode or decode technology got a belated Christmas present as ESP (an Arris company, NASDAQ: ARRS), the leading source of BTSC Verilog solutions, and THAT Corporation, the primary holder of BTSC intellectual property, announced the pooling of their technology portfolios. The result is one-stop shopping for makers of TVs, VCRs, set-top boxes, satellite receivers, video games, and other consumer products needing stereo TV encoding or decoding capability.