KTC will deliver TVs with best-in-class sound using Total Sonics by dbx-tv

MILFORD, USA, & SHENZHEN, CHINA — Today dbx-tv, an award-winning audio enhancement provider, and Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd., one of China’s premier OEM/ODM electronic display manufacturers, announced a partnership to license dbx-tv’s Total Sonics technology in KTC designs. Total Sonics, along with other hand-picked dbx-tv technologies, will help KTC deliver world-class sound to match the excellent quality of their displays.

“We’re delighted to work alongside KTC to deliver a fantastic audio experience to KTC’s customers. KTC’s design and manufacturing expertise is a natural fit with our dedication to improving audio quality, and I am excited to see and hear the results of our cooperation,” said Timothy Brault, Licensing Sales Director for dbx-tv.

KTC and dbx-tv both share a strong focus on excellence through R&D.  KTC employs hundreds of professional R&D engineers from the flat panel display terminal industry at the KTC Technology Center, which they have grown over two decades with continuous investment and development. KTC’s R&D engineers will work directly with dbx-tv’s Field Engineers, who are professional broadcast TV and pro sound engineers themselves, to individually test and tune every KTC project for the best possible sound.

“Since 1995, KTC has been committed to the research, development, production and sales of flat panel display products, products are exported to all over the world. The cooperation with dbx-tv is also the icing on the cake, hoping to bring better sound experience to terminal TV customers and enhance the competitiveness of the company’s products,” said Sean Xiao, Marketing Manager for KTC.

Total Sonics and the suite of audio enhancement tools from dbx-tv can be easily adapted for several use cases, from TV audio to speaker and soundbar designs. Total Sonics utilizes dynamic range control, dynamic equalization, and spatial expansion to ensure natural and distortion-free sound with full bass and clear high-end, even from small speakers. dbx-tv also offers Total Volume, a dynamics and loudness tool to eliminate loudness spikes, and Total Surround, which provides a virtual surround-sound experience from two-channel audio systems.


About dbx-tv

dbx-tv has over 40 years of experience improving audio in TVs and other small speaker devices. Born from the pro audio legacy of dbx, dbx-tv is an Emmy winner for television audio technology and has improved sound in over a billion devices worldwide. Learn more at www.dbx-tv.com.


About KTC Technology Co. Ltd.

Since KTC entered the field of PC monitors in the early 1990s, it has been making relentless efforts in pursuit of high quality through efficient enterprise management, exquisite craftsmanship and personalized service, showing great competitiveness in the smart flat panel display field. The Company has been successively honored as “Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises in China”, “2008 FORBES CHINA 200 UP-AND-COMERS”, “China’s Top 10 Color TV Export Company”, “Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in China”, “Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Guangdong”, “Top 100 Industrial Enterprises in Shenzhen”, “Top 100 Independent Innovation Enterprises in Shenzhen”, “Best ODM Suppliers of Commercial LCD Equipment”, etc., which has brought good social effect and influence.