Total Cal in-home tuning system corrects sound quality issues in the home

We are pleased to announce that dbx-tv’s Total Cal automated in-home tuning system has won this year’s CES Picks Awards, presented by TWICE. Total Cal improves the sound of televisions, soundbars, and portable/home speakers by measuring their performance at the customer’s listening position and automatically compensating for problems caused by device placement and room acoustics.

“The Total Cal system represents a breakthrough in consumer audio by making it easy for everyone to experience high quality, accurate, and customized sound without the need for audio expertise or complex A/V equipment “ says Les Tyler, the inventor of automatic equalization technology and President of dbx-tv. Timothy Brault, Director of Sales and Marketing for dbx-tv added, “by harnessing the power of cloud computing and the mobile devices consumers already own, Total Cal works with the industry standard SoCs and DSPs manufacturers already design around, enabling them to deliver high-end audio processing in cost-conscious products.”

The awards’ editorial team have said that CES has seemingly returned to normality this year and with that, competition to be considered the very best has been high. Across the board, we had tough decisions to make when selecting winners this year which further highlights how impressed we were with our final winners. Congratulations to all those who won.”

We’re thrilled to have won this award. If you would like to see our winning product then please click here: can read more about our success on TWICE’s website, in the February edition of TWICE magazine, in their regular newsletter, and on other promotional channels from the brand in the coming weeks.

dbx-tv offers Total Cal to TV & speaker OEM/ODM manufacturers as a companion mobile or smart TV application to the company’s Total Sonics audio post-processing. Products utilizing Total Cal are expected to reach consumers in 2023.