THAT Corporation’s dbx-tv engineers, Matt Easley and Chris Hanna, presented their paper, A Survey of Broadcast Television Perceived Relative Audio Levels, on October 10, 2009, at the poster session, “P11 – Sound in Real Spaces” of the 127th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention.

Abstract of the paper:
Perceived television volume levels can vary dramatically as audio changes both within a given broadcast channel and between broadcast channels. This paper surveys the broadcast audio levels in two large metropolitan areas (Atlanta and Boston). Both analog and digital broadcasts are monitored from cable and satellite providers. Two-channel perceived loudness is measured utilizing the ITU-R Rec. BS.1770 loudness meter standard. Statistical data is presented showing the severity and nature of the perceived loudness changes. Finally, dynamic volume control technology is applied to the most severe recordings for perceived loudness comparisons.

Download as a PDF:
A Survey of Broadcast Television Perceived Relative Audio Levels