Consumer dbx-tv – Multi-Standard TV-Audio Decoder

Available by license to IC makers for consumer applications, the dbx-tv Multi-Standard TV-Audio Decoder core is a complete decoder solution covering all the world’s legacy TV-audio standards in one compact Verilog-based design. It accepts digitized sound IF at frequencies from 4~7MHz, and produces digital stereo audio bitstream, ready for conversion to analog or other uses.

Customers typically choose the entire suite of standards – including NTSC, BTSC, NICAM, A2, EIAJ, and FM Stereo – but they’re also available individually. For multi-standard systems, the core code offers automatic system detection, and automatic audio output selection. It supports all the standard output sample rates (32, 44.1, and 48k).

Highly optimized for consumer applications, this core contains a vast number of registers for maximum flexibility. It has been rigorously field-tested throughout the world – especially in the most challenging TV-reception environments.