dbx-tv Total Volume solves all TV loudness problems.

Total Volume eliminates the constant need to reach for the remote to adjust TV volume. By taming loudness spikes and clarifying inaudible dialog, Total Volume creates a more consistent and enjoyable listening experience from even the most difficult source material. Total Volume solves the problems caused by loud commercials, switching channels, varying input sources, and changes in surround processing or program dynamics.

Total Volume is intelligent and simple, yet versatile and effective.

You can configure Total Volume to suit your viewing conditions:

  • Normal mode tames commercials and channel changes while largely preserving artistic dynamic intent.
  • Night mode allows quiet listening without losing dialog or disturbing sleeping children – even through explosive sound effects in action thrillers.
  • Movie mode provides maximum dynamic range and realism without overload.

Total Volume makes dialog more intelligible at low volume settings and even controls loudness changes triggered by excessive surround sound processing.

Total Volume’s amazing performance is virtually free of artifacts.

Total Volume works effectively without changing the tonal balance, spatial presentation, or subjective dynamics of the original sound. It's virtually free of the “pumping” and “breathing” common to lesser products. And, it has no effect on lip-sync.

Total Volume is incredibly efficient and flexible.

Total Volume is easy to implement in virtually any TV system:

  • Software only, requires no hardware changes
  • Runs within DSP resources available in many SoC TV ICs and audio amplifiers
  • Can be placed anywhere in the audio processing chain