As TVs become thinner and bezels disappear, speaker size and placement are compromised. The sound suffers from limited maximum volume, shrinking stereo image, and crippled low frequencies. dbx-tv’s Total Sonics suite combines several intelligent, innovative DSP audio enhancement technologies to address these challenges in a package that fits into most of today’s TV SoC ICs. Total Sonics is an affordable, efficient technology for TV makers to better match audio quality to today’s brilliant pictures. Total Sonics is an easy-to-configure software solution that requires no additional hardware.

Total Cal

With over 100 individual parameter settings, Total Sonics is extremely flexible and adaptive. But, thanks to dbx-tv’s Total Cal test system, you don’t have to be an audio expert to achieve excellent results with Total Sonics.

Total Cal is a PC-based acoustic measurement and configuration system that allows you to quickly measure TV set performance. After acquiring data about the set, it generates all the settings required to optimize Total Sonics’ many components. And, it does this in mere minutes with a minimum of user interaction. Set makers can even specify a desired “sonic signature”, and Total Cal will achieve it across an entire product line.

Total Cal greatly simplifies and shortens the time it takes to configure your TV audio system.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Total Sonics includes each of the following technologies, working in concert to make TV sound come alive.

All of the above are automatically configured for your TV set by our exclusive calibration utility: