Total Bass identifies the frequencies that are too low for the TV, Soundbar, or Speaker to reproduce and renders them in a range the speaker can handle.

This relies on the missing fundamental psychoacoustic phenomena. The brain is so accustomed to the consistent mathematic relationships in the harmonic series that if the right harmonics are introduced, the brain ‘hears’ pitches that are not physically present

This process provides perception of fuller bass from small speakers.

Natural Sound with Full Low-End

  • Total Bass provides rich, natural low-end from small speakers, even those without enclosures

Psychoacoustic Processing

  • Total Bass identifies and filters the frequencies that the speaker cannot handle, process them in a way that tricks the brain into hearing lower tones, and renders them within the speaker’s usable range.

Bass Beyond Possibility

  • This extends the perceived low frequency range beyond what the speakers can physically reproduce

Small Speaker Enhancement

  • Total Bass provides the best possible sound from even the smallest speakers; great for televisions, portable speakers, tablets, mobile devices, and more