THAT Corporation has announced that Les Tyler, its president, will speak at the DisplaySearch China FPD & HDTV Conference in Shenzhen, China, on May 20, 2010. The title of Mr. Tyler’s presentation is “Best-in-Class Technology Solutions for TV Audio Design.”

Tyler’s presentation will stress the importance of sound quality to the TV viewing experience, and present ways to address audio challenges of modern TV designs. Today’s flat-panel TVs have ever thinner profiles and vanishing bezels, making it difficult for audio to match the picture quality. “Small speakers, buried behind the display, make it next to impossible to provide good audio,” says Tyler, “With clever DSP technology, such as THAT’s dbx-tv® Total™ suite, it’s possible to overcome these limitations, and allow even tiny speakers to keep pace with the picture from HD and 3D TVs.”

Another important audio problem is unwanted changes in audio loudness. The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (‘CALM’) legislation, currently pending in the US Congress, may be the most visible sign of this problem. But consumers have been complaining that “the commercials are too darned loud!” for years. “Recent trends in TV, including wide dynamic-range digital audio and a variety of sources – including CATV, i-Pods, and the internet – have only added to the problem,” says Tyler. “The ideal place to truly solve it is in the TV set.” Tyler will present examples of the problem and demonstrate the company’s technology to control it.

The DisplaySearch international conference, held at the Marco Polo Shenzhen, features valuable information on global TV markets, panel supply/demand, TV specification evolution and new solutions. Around 150 TV-manufacturing executives are expected to attend the presentation.

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