Total Cal®

In-Home Audio Calibration for TVs, soundbars, and smart speakers

An easy 3-step process, dbx-tv TotalCal allows your customer to fine-tune the audio performance of the TV or speaker for their listening environment. Total Cal detects and corrects for acoustic issues in the home, ensuring designs sound exactly the way they were intended. Like having a virtual audio engineer right in your customer’s living room.

Total Immersion™

A perception of height from the audio, providing immersive sound from just 2 speakers.

Total Immersion processing uses patented psychoacoustic filters to deliver Immersive Audio from 2-speaker and 2-channel stereo TV systems, without the cost and complexity of an additional decoder and speakers. Developed in conjunction with engineers at Psy(x) Research, Total Immersion advanced psychoacoustic processing creates a strong sensation of height without additional speakers. Total Immersion processing projects sound vertically above the TV and around the viewer.

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