As TV speaker sizes shrink, so does low frequency response. As a result, even the most visually spectacular content loses much of its impact. Total Sonics’ dynamic equalization solves this problem by strengthening lower frequencies intelligently. Because it provides dynamic, level-dependent bass boost, Total Sonics is able to generate the maximum bass possible from any speaker – without overloading it. Even smaller speakers deliver richer, fuller bass.

A variety of factors in TV design can negatively affect frequency response – including speaker size and placement, and the cabinet design itself. Total Sonics’ dynamic equalization corrects these EQ errors and shapes response to meet individual market targets. You get greater freedom and flexibility in design without sacrificing the sonic results you desire.

Configuring the Total Sonics’ Dynamic EQ component is easy with our Total Cal configuration tool. Total Cal quickly and automatically adjusts EQ compression to meet your TV and sonic objectives.