dbx-tv created the BTSC (dbx-tv) noise reduction system, one of the most sophisticated analog companding systems ever created. For years, we provided the analog reference for BTSC companding used by broadcasters throughout the Americas and in Taiwan, where BTSC has been used.

We later developed the world’s first digital realizations of the dbx-tv companding system. We’ve licensed these ultimate-performance systems to TV-broadcast equipment-makers, allowing them to quickly and easily incorporate BTSC into their products.

The performance of dbx-tv’s digital BTSC encoders and decoders is unmatched by any others. In our consumer standards laboratory, we use a variety of our own equipment to test licensees’ products, and are recognized as one of the world’s leading testing laboratories for the BTSC system.

We’re proud to offer and support these world-class, Verilog-based cores still today, whether for encoding (generating broadcasts) or decoding (monitoring broadcasts).