In addition to dbx-tv's ground-breaking Total Sonics and Total Volume packages, we also offer traditional DSP (pure software) audio modules.  We’re your “one-stop shop” for all your TV sound processing needs. 

Graphic EQ

Our 7-band Graphic EQ allows television viewers to easily adjust the sound to suit individual preferences for tonal balance. TV makers may choose fewer bands for low-DSP-power implementations.

Pre-set EQ

We also offer fixed pre-set EQ tailored to different program material such as sports, news, video games, music, movies, etc.

Bass/Treble Control

Familiar bass/treble tone controls provide simple means for viewers to make sonic adjustments.

Stereo Synthesis

Our Stereo Synthesis processing creates a broad sound stage from mono program material, offering the viewer a more immersive listening experience.

Volume Control

dbx-tv also offers an efficient and effective volume control for television designs. It can be customized to any desired volume taper.