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Senior Analog Audio Technician

Summary Description

The Senior Analog Audio Technician is primarily responsible for providing technical support to our applications and design engineers. To do this, they must possess a good overall knowledge of audio electronics. The Senior Analog Audio Technician is expected to be a self-starter, but supervision of his or her work may be required for proper execution and completion of many tasks.

Specific Duties

  1. Collecting measurement data in the lab using test equipment and reporting the results
  2. Prototyping high performance analog (and some digital) circuits from schematics
  3. Managing engineering lab supplies and equipment maintenance
  4. Properly documenting all relevant work
  5. Maintain a clean, safe, and orderly work environment
  6. Perform other work-related duties as assigned

Skills Required

  1. Strong understanding of analog audio circuitry and operation of test equipment, including but not limited to Digital Multi-Meters and Oscilloscope
  2. Soldering skills, including surface mount components
  3. A two-year technical degree or equivalent, or at least 5 years of pertinent experience

Desirable Skills

  1. Experience with Audio Precision Test Systems
  2. Familiarity with schematic capture software
  3. Exposure to Microprocessors


The Senior Analog Audio Technician is an important part of a dynamic team of Audio Professionals.

Please submit your resume to: with the Subject Line: Sr. AA Tech